About Bard on a Bike


Bard on a Bike

One man, two wheels, three rays of Awen

I’m a Twenty First Century bard, travelling Britain & further afield on my (t)rusty steed, performing my tales and poetry to all ages, as well as running workshops in creative writing & spoken word performance skills. I love visiting ancient sites and making new friends along the way. In my blog I hope to share some of my adventures, insights and inspirations – gleaned from this beautiful land & beyond.

See you along the Way,


Bike: Triumph Legend TT 900


Books: The Bardic Handbook; Lost Islands; The Way of Awen; The Long Woman; Windsmith; The Well Under the Sea; & Turning the Wheel (out Nov ’11)

View me performing a story about the Wedding Stones of Stanton Drew stone circle on You Tube here



  1. David

    sure, thanks for asking.

    Just credit to ‘Kevan Manwaring’

    Sounds fascinating…



  2. Brother Biker Bard …

    This K . Peddlar Bridges here … We have a whole Bikerpoetry World going on here in the States. I am The National Secretary of the Highway poets Mcc and a Senior Bikerpoetry Columnist for the Connecticut Cruise News Newspaper .. I would be interested in seeing some od your Bikerpoetry to perhaps publish your work and spotlight yourself … If you would like to trade more information .. please let me know .. Best Miles and Verses till then … Peddlar …

    • Peddlar,

      it’s been a while … I hope Highway Poets MCC is still going strong. I thought you/your group might like to know I’ve just had a desert-based fantasy novel published (The Burning Path, Awen Publications – the result of being Writer-in-Residence last year in El Gouna, Egypt) and a non-fiction book coming out end of the year, (Turning the Wheel, O Books 2011) which charts my year exploring Britain on two wheels. The former is available on Amazon.com (in print and e-book format); the latter, is published on 25 November and can be viewed at: http://www.o-books.com/book/detail/980/Turning-the-Wheel.

      If you would still be interested in running a spotlight on me I can send more info – samples and pics, etc.

      May the ink and the oil flow,


      PS any British members? Would like to join… Would be great to have the honour of wearing one of your patches.

  3. what a wonderful job you have traveling and telling stories …I have enjoyed reading your blog and will be following you on more of your adventures

  4. Saw you on May Hill this morning (May Day), hope you’ve managed to dry out. It was a bit wet!

    • Hi Ian
      yes, soggy but worth it. Merry May Day to you!

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