Turning the Wheel

At last – Bard on the Bike, the book!

You’ve read some of my adventures here – now you can read the full story this winter. 

Turning the Wheel

seasonal Britain on two wheels

‘Inspiring stuff!’ Phil Rickman, author of the Merrily Watkins series

Turning the Wheel by Kevan Manwaring

From a 40th birthday party in Bath to Padstow May
Day, the Lammas Games at Avebury to Cheese Rolling
on a hillside in Gloucestershire … the mad, eccentric,
obscure and dangerous. Festive Britain celebrates the
turning of the wheel!

On two wheels and 900cc across Britain, Bard on a Bike
Kevan Manwaring endeavours to search out the places
and people who mark the seasons and cycles in their
own special way – in rituals, ceremonies and festivals
both private and public, large and intimate, ancient
and modern. Along the way he experiences and relate
moments of sacred time found in the unlikeliest of
places and circumstances, showing how ‘sacred time’ is
a state of mind that can be experienced not only at
sacred sites, but in the everyday, in the familiar. A
collection of reflections about being fully alive in the
Twenty First century and all that means, as much a
modern travelogue, Turning the Wheel is a wise and
witty account of a leather-clad time-traveller.

Published by O Books  November 2011

ISBN: 978-1-84694-766-7 £15.99

To order: http://www.o-books.com/book/detail/980/Turning-the-Wheel


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